Sunday 25 November 2012


Lasers! I thought these would be fun to make, but honestly they were a bit of a pain. I like how they've turned out, though.

As you can see in the video, I haven't made lasers kill you yet, though I probably will. Also to be decided is what happens when a bullet hits a laser. I can think of three options that make sense: do nothing, vapourize it or have it bounce off. Once I've made a few levels a solution will probably present itself.

(And, as promised, I've made collectible items too. But those aren't as interesting.)


  1. Yay, an update! It's been almost a year since the last one after all.
    The laser looks really interesting. As to whether it kills you or not: I'm not sure if it is an option to have both types (but I don't think so).
    If it doesn't kill you what does it do? I guess it will trigger some sorts of switches? Maybe detonate explosives?
    And if it is deadly it would have some similarities with constant high-frequent bullet shots (but way faster).

    Just some thoughts that came to mind, you don't have to answer the questions now. I'm happy when the game gets finished. I would find it out soon enough either way ;-)

    1. Yeah, I think having both types might be the way to go. A red one that kills you and a blue one that doesn't. Then things would get really interesting when I add in the colour-switching items.

      As for what else it does, you're right, it'll be another sort of trigger. So say there's a switch that opens a door when a bullet hits it. The same switch might open the door as long as the laser is shining on it, and close it again afterwards.

  2. Rob, you could do the change colour pads (red/blue). If you are blue, the blue lasers do not kill you. If red, you dead! Lots of different options available here!


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