Saturday 24 February 2018

Beta 2.1.11 Released

What's New

  • We're getting very close to 100 levels, so I'm starting to go back and improve the quality of the existing levels.
    • Loads of the early levels were way too hard! It made sense for level 41 to be hard when there were only 41 levels, but not anymore. I've gone through and toned down the difficulty of some particularly frustrating parts.
      • Later levels will remain frustrating.
  • New cosmetic floor tile: A handsome grate with spinning fan.
  • Graphical improvements
  • Bugs fixed
    • Exploding floors will now definitely kill you; no exceptions! You used to be able to run right through the explosions if you timed it right.
    • Fixed some audio bugs. For one, the sounds played as if you were listening from the player model itself, which led to a jarring stereo pan when you moved past something. The audio listener is now placed at the camera, and everything sounds much better.
    • Removed some unfinished items that I accidentally left in the editor palette last update.


  1. mmmmh miam !!! mmmmh... gobble gobble gobble ... yummy!!!

    thanx Rob!

    1. the handsome grate with spinning fan is very beautiful !!!

  2. "Star Warg" is published ! ;D

    1. Nice level. How'd you get those ramps to glitch out and start down like that? Shouldn't really be possible.

    2. it happens when i place a ramp on the central tile , and i don't place any shift. then, i play and the shift appears on the ramp, which is down. Then i go back to the editor, and the ramp is still down and i can copy it...

      i thought you had hidden this feature deliberately... as a secret feature ;D

  3. Star warg is beaten:-). Great level Mills, the new functions are nice!

  4. oh shit, i believed we had a new player, but no... :(


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