Friday 9 August 2013

GUI Progress

Here's the current state of Blackshift's GUI:

It does the job, but I'd rather have something a little nicer in the finished game. The level select screen in particular looks cluttered and boring. I've been thinking something more like this would look better:

The icons under each level would show how many secrets you've found, and the last one would be a tick if you've finished the level, and a trophy if you've finished it really fast.

Levels would get a black cloud icon until you complete them, at which point they'd turn into little animated galaxies. Perhaps each galaxy gets more complex as you do more things in the level, and they'd be procedurally generated, each one different.

This wouldn't be trivial to do, but I think it would add a lot of value, relative to the work it would take.


  1. Nice job,Very impressive!
    Does the "secrets" means gems or some collectible items?

  2. I think the Icon concept is best. Good work! I appears you are almost completed the game and are working on the GUI and editor - can't wait until it comes out!!!

    1. I'm pretty much done with the game logic itself, but I still have a lot of levels to make. And then I need to find a graphical style I like.

      I'd say I'm maybe 50% done overall?

  3. If you like making levels as much as we did I guess that means that at least you're at the fun part. But since I have no experience in making a game I can't tell if the rest was as nice to work at or if level-creating will turn into hard work balancing levels so they are game-introducing - self-explaining, challenging but not frustrating and whatever else is important.

    Also, I agree that the icons version looks good.
    an excited Wunk


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