Sunday 27 April 2014

So close you can taste it

Alrighty! It's time for another Blackshift update.

Progress since last time has mainly been focused on the auto-updater, by which
I mean it has focused on me putting off writing the auto-updater — it turns out that
writing an auto-updater is a huge pain. But, having one makes things go so much
more smoothly for the players, so that's what I've done (see how much I care
about you guys?)

So, with that done, we're getting closer and closer to the point where I let
some actual human people play this thing. The list of things I need to do
before releasing the first public alpha* now looks like this:

    ☑ Make game engine
    ☑ Make GUI
    ☑ Make Level Pit and Level Pit Server
    ☑ Make Auto-Updater and Update Server
    ☐ Fix as many bugs as I can on my own
    ☐ Make enough levels to justify a release

In unrelated news, I was feeling graphicsy today so here are some boxes.

Living the dream

Boxes in their natural habitat

* Yeah... beta was too optimistic. Beta means "nearly done". Alpha means
  "eye-hurty graphics, no sound, and bugs everywhere."


  1. It's looking amazing Robin! Congrats

  2. Yay! Keep going, it looks really good :)

  3. Hey Rob, nice update. You have a slew of people awaiting for at least a BETA. My crew is back including Wunk, Domna, Antz She, Ernie15 and others. Won't take us long to figure out any bugs and Wunk is the most prolific and distorting space and time in the Flash Programming. I know this will be epic! Game of the century for sure. Fingers crossed, hopes high and Mr. Carbonbusiness has Pov on a leash so he doesn't interfere! ha ha ha

  4. Yo Rob, lots of drooling going on out here. It is sooooo close we can taste it! Oh, master of the atom, minister of the molecule, we await your creation! May the pixel be with you!

  5. Yaaaawwwnn! I just woked up! Slept for 6 months - did I miss anything?

    1. No, but in my defence, we've had a really nice summer here :)

      I'll get back to it soon enough.

    2. We've had the best summer in 10 years so, all is forgiven! :)

      Yay Rob! Blackshift Beta soon!

    3. You better, we don't want to read another outburst of Obie's creativity, now do we? :D
      Funny, I just felt like taking a feather duster and going nuts here, but find myself being just a couple days late.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. May have to forage for food whilst awaiting the Beta.

  8. Yay! A New Year! Happy New Year Rob!

  9. This is probably the longest you have ever gone without posting one of your awesome games. I am worried. Have you died?

    1. No! I've just been a bit burnt out on game dev. I've recently (like this week) started getting back into Blackshift though. Been having a few problems compiling for Windows but it's looking good now. Expect to see a new post soon.


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