Monday 2 May 2016

Alpha 2.0.52 — The Bugfix Update

OK, not just bugfixes.


  • Fixed a bug where saves were recorded for the wrong level, including in the standard levels.
  • Fixed the “Rename Level” function. This was really broken!
  • Fixed levels sometimes showing twice on your user page.
  • Speed up loading save files
  • Lots more Cosmic Rays errors
    • Lots of things that would just silently fail are now Cosmic Rays errors. Progress!
  • Fix keyboard panning in the editor
  • Fix pegs poking through your ship model when raised.
  • Changes to mirror physics
    • Bullets should now no longer be able to escape mirror loops
    • Mirrors now have a bit of thickness. This reduces the travel time through a diagonal mirror but old levels will not be affected.
  • Fixed bug where non-ASCII chars in level names would come out as question marks (thanks Obie!)
  • Fix a NASTY save/reload bug
    • This bug happened every time you won a level after restarting from a save point
    • It would cause the timing in your replay to be off. On some more complex levels, this would cause your win to be rejected.
    • I hope this is the bug that everyone keeps running into when their wins don't show up. If so, fixed, at last!
  • Grey out wins for older versions of a level in the leaderboard
    • These wins have always been sorted last, but now it should be more obvious why.
  • Fix bug where you couldn't unbind keys on the control settings page.
  • Add Awards to the level pit!


  1. Like the Awards button, nice touch and appropriate.

    I just finished my new level. It will not playback after I beat it and I get locked up. I made it before your update but, exited the program, got the update and published it. The other games playback.

  2. I (FINALLY) got a score recorded on Xindaris's 5x5!
    So you can wipe this bug on your list.... Let's hope this doesn't open the path for another one!

  3. Not sure how you are doing the Win Doctor column in the awards Rob, but 65 wins seems a bit light for me as I have 151 levels and have beaten them all unless you are only counting wins of other people's levels.

  4. The saves limiting recording wins problem seems to be solved for me!
    I still have the saves not actually sticking if you end up at the start screen (but working with R-presses). One odd thing I noticed is that I restarted the whole program after one such glitch and replayed a level I'd been working on and it restarted it at the very first save I'd tried for that level (though there were subsequent saves to that level). I don't know if that helps pinpoint the glitch, but it struck me as interesting (though the problam as a whole does still seem to be sporadic).
    One other interesting situation, which I'm not sure is a glitch or not: on one of my wins of Obie50, I went straight to the first save which is right next to a bomb. Needless to say you die, but since it saves first then kills you, and you can start next to a bomb, on restart you can pick up there and move on (though since that win didn't record, I'm guessing the reviewer system still triggered it as a death). I made a mini-level (Or die trying) that illustrates the issue (it won't show up on the board, since it is only winnable by hack and those wins don't count). Thanks again for taking us on the journey! (And don't worry Obie, you'll be the top of the win board once more levels that aren't your own get added, give me a few minutes to bask...)

    1. That is not a glitch because the bomb doesn't see you until you move, then you are out of it's way!

    2. Yeah, think about it though: the bomb has to see you at some point. If it sees you before you save, you should die and never trigger the save. And if it sees you after you save, you should die as soon as you reload.

      Current behaviour is a bug because it makes the replay differ from the original run. I'll have to fix it. Good spot, drerio.

      I have a hunch as to what's causing the saves not sticking bug. I'll get to it soon.

    3. Just beat Drerio's latest "death on save test level" - it doesn't record as a win.

  5. I just had a weird crash. I opened the game after a while, it downloaded 5 updates, and now, when I open it, the screen stays black. If I press ESC it says that it's crashed, and it generates a crash report.

    I don't know if there's anything else you want me to tell you to help you fix it.

    I guess I could reinstall it to get it to work, but maybe it's better for you if I left it in this "state" so you can make me do something that can help you out.

    1. I have the debug.log file, but I don't know if the game still uses it, it hasn't updated with this crash.

    2. Thanks Fepe, this could be very helpful.

      If you have the bandwidth to spare, uploading your entire Blackshift install folder (%LOCALAPPDATA%\Blackshift) to my Dropbox (link below) would be the greatest help & most likely to let me figure this out

      Failing that, just the contents of all logs (%APPDATA%\Blackshift\Logs) might help — not sure if the problem will show up in the logs but it might.

      (Note %APPDATA% vs %LOCALAPPDATA%)

      Debug.log isn't used any more, you can delete it.

      Please upload any files here:


    3. Uploaded the whole %LOCALAPPDATA%\Blackshift in a zip file. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.

    4. Much appreciated. Go ahead and reinstall if you haven't yet -- I'll get on with fixing the updater :)

  6. Fepe, uninstall Blackshift and grab the newest install. It worked on my Lenovo portable. The original older version (at least 8 updates short, failed).

    1. Thanks Obie. But maybe RGA can benefit from something I can do while the crash is still happening. I don't know. If that's not the case, then yeah, I'll reinstall to keep playing

  7. Rob's Report Card to Date:

    Can Rename Levels - Check! (Now all my Untitled's are Titled!)
    Added an Editor - Check! (Now I have another 4 workable levels!)
    Can't Publish without beating the game in the editor - Check!
    Must beat the game before it shows up in the level pit - Check!
    Eliminated Duplicate Levels - Uncheck! :(

    ... Problem here is the duplicated levels have been beaten by different people so, methinks when you add the Delete Level function, that can be fixed. Also, I have 6 Wunk levels on my Try These levels, 2 are the same and Luigi still can't be beaten. :(

  8. Spoke too soon... I ran into a win not recording just now on "Change ends fixed". This one has a random enemy, so I'm not sure if that's part of the probem with the win not validating (I know you thought you nipped that one in the bud before). Anyway, most of the wins are recording...

    1. I will check it. Might be a new fix of Rob's. It had some issues from the beginning! Awesome level tho!

    2. No, I beat it again a while back - win not recorded and I can seem to find a flaw. I will play it again!

    3. Yes, it is an awesome level. Great balance of arcade and puzzle.

    4. Too drunk right now to beat it! Ha ha ha! I didn't see any obvious flaws - flush your cache and try it again. The cache seems to be a problem right now.

      I have no idea how Bobby got both those fish up top on the fish tank to get them both!

      Try "Dizzy 0>0". One of my famous levels from Netshift but modified to suit Rob. Open up all the doors except for the save door - you will then be screwed. Never use the middle door but you need it open. It is death. Use the third door down, shoot and go out from there. You will land and go down. The rest is up to you. You use the top of 3 doors twice to get your blockers. Figure it out - 2 saves and go back to the left. Get the blue door, grab the gun, figure it out. Go back on land and get the red door opener which is up one from the save tile, simple, put it down the slider then go out the third door down and grab the glass rock to win. Be careful with the sticky blocks, don't try to ride with them! You will get knocked out! Complicated enough? You will find out where the deflectors are if you move down from the second tile save on the right part - you will not survive!

    5. No, I messed you up, go down the 3rd door until you get the single gun, do not push the glass rock yet!

    6. Now, I wanna see Bobby and Bibbythedark find a cheap way to break this level. I dunno, played it a ton!

    7. This is a weird one. I've made the replay visible so you can see how weird it is.

      Now, I don't know what your original run looked like, but it seems to me that everything makes sense until you hit that 2nd white teleporter. Then once you're in that room with the lavacube that it teleports you to, the replay starts acting strangely.

      I mean, did you really waste that bullet on the lavacube? And collect those diamonds so slowly? Something seems off.

      So I first thought, did it teleport you to the wrong room? But I hacked around with it and I couldn't find any other room where those actions made sense. So what's going on? No idea.

      Can you remember what actually happened in that run? I know it's a long one.

      Also, looking at the database, there is only one other run that got rejected since I pushed that fix out — Obie playing Dizzy. Another long run with saves.

    8. Drerio, I played Change Ends Fixed, beat it and it recorded. Then, I looked and your replay was there clocked in at an amazing 000ms with a death. However, after you shot the random red thing, the ship just randomly floated around doing nothing. I stopped watching after a few minutes because there was no way you could get out of there and the ship stopped. That was kinda weird!

  9. BTW, due to Rob's editing ability for us now, I fixed Below Deck, formally untitled. Try it again, no short-cuts.

  10. I dunno what you did Rob in 2.0.53 but you messed up a few of my levels again. I can see the other person's level win on the chart even though I beat it but I can't replay anything! Kinda messed up in Edmonton, Canada!

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