Friday 6 May 2016

Alpha 2.0.53-54 — The Surprise Update

Surprise! I know the last update only came out three days ago, but I need to put this one out as soon as possible.

For one, it fixes the Windows updater which always used to fail when applying more than one update, for embarrassing reasons relating to me being dumb it applied the updates in reverse order and for two, it accommodates future changes to the replay format.

The replay format needs to change because the annoying bug where your wins don't count hasn't quite gone away and I need to put more debugging info into the replays themselves in order to figure out what's going on.

As a bonus, this update also includes the new item door graphic I did the other day when I mistakenly believed the bugs were fixed and it was time for a new age of prosperity and graphics.


  • Fix Windows updater
  • Improve speed fetching a user's levels on their user page
  • Detect replays newer than the client and hide their "Watch" buttons instead of crashing
  • Add new log files "Update Log" and "Patch Log", written when updating.
  • Fix bug where your save-tile progress randomly got forgotten in the level pit.
  • Fix bug where you could save on a tile next to a proximity bomb and weirdness would ensue.
  • Remove some levels I didn't like. Yeah, quality means going backwards sometimes.
  • Minor changes to Level Pit GUI layout
  • New graphic for customs door


  1. Like the new graphic for the roll-up door. At least it differentiates between the other bullet door. Over 12,000 plays, hmmmm, I guess you guys gotta make levels to catch me! Buahahaha!

  2. When I finish this demo level, you will see an anomaly. First, yellow guns face to face using rollers to simultaneously set them off. Firstly, obviously the guns die when there are too many bullets in the air, but the bullet count is consistently inconsistent. Shooting at a box full of rollers on explosive floors and many survive the onslaught. Secondly, watch the bullets, they are not in a straight line! But, none miss the portable deflectors.

    Third item, and you can try this yourself, put up a diamond counter (which btw, you need to fix that graphic!) and don't put any diamonds on the level! The count is 00, but you can't go thru it! You can also do the gun test to see the irregular pattern. :)

    1. 1. Max bullets should be 25, or 10 on some old maps. Are you sure it's inconsistent?

      2. Bullets have some variance to add visual interest. Shouldn't have much effect unless they miss the mirrors, which is a bug.

      3. Thanks for the heads-up re. diamond counters. I suppose I should fix it, though I don't know why anyone is putting counters in levels with no diamonds.

      4. Yep, still quite a few graphics that could do with an upgrade. I want to get everything out of the "Missing" column before beta:

  3. Okay, we are in Alpha mode and am a little disappointed that mi amigos are more interested in their scores on MY levels than producing some themselves. 153 levels to date and more coming so Rob can assess the damage - that is what Alpha is all about! My next demo is about weird schit, the one after that will be crazy!

  4. A lot of my levels have failed the Bibby/Bobby/dereiro test but then again, I learned. I won't fix those levels but will make new ones. We have in our mind when building levels, a solution and when someone short cuts the solution, I know I messed up. I think I blocked all solutions on Dizzy 0>0, prove me wrong!

  5. Oh yeah, Box Guidance is not impossible. You have to think about the solution and be quick at the start and smart later!

  6. Rob, gimmee a link I can promote your game on Flakebook or are you ready for that?

    1. Sure, what do you want a link to?

      Main site:
      FB page:

  7. Just put up a new level which appears to show some flaws using 2 head to head yellow guns. The bullets are inconsistent and wandering all over the place. The diamond counter blocks you if you don't put on any diamonds on the level. Watch the kill shot - a bullet misses the permanent deflectors.

  8. Here's another quick demo of the Bullets missing the permanent deflectors - actually a lot of them miss including one at the bottom. I think the problem may be that they don't like to be that close together. "Bullet Miss Demo" - it was so consistent, I used these bullets to set up the level.

  9. "Deflector Flaw Demo"! I thought the bullets were causing the problem but it is definitely the deflectors or a combination. Same scenario but I started it up in the other direction to get better spacing. I also replaced the permanent deflectors with the moveable ones - exact same scenario so, I put the permanent ones back in so Bibby couldn't find the cheat code :)

  10. Sorry @Tatascan. I had to edit "They All Die" because I forgot to put in a couple of doors to block the easy win!


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