Wednesday 1 May 2019

Steam Page is up

Yes yes, I'm still alive and I'm still making Blackshift.

The next update is shaping up to be an absolute monster. It's got some very large changes, including a secret feature that it wouldn't make sense to release in an unfinished state, hence the lack of updates.

OK, the secret feature isn't that exciting. But I quite like it. It changes the structure of Blackshift quite a bit, and personally I think it's just what the game needed. And it was a lot of work 😅

Unfortunately it doesn't look good in screenshots yet, and I <3 secrecy, so you'll have to wait a little bit before I show you anything.

Not the secret feature
But I can tell you a bit about some of the other changes that will be in the next version:
  • Seriously considering deleting my installer and updater. It's buggy, it fails all the time, and I shouldn't be spending my time writing an updater, I should be spending it writing Blackshift. I'm thinking I should just use the app update system built into (and later Steam).
  • I've redone the entire UI. The old UI was written in HTML and Javascript, like a web page, and Blackshift contained an entire web browser just do display the UI. In retrospect, that's nuts, and I've rewritten it in C++ like a proper game.
  • More music
  • Couple of new items and graphics, as usual. Not too many this time though.
  • Steam! I'll make sure you all get Steam keys if you already bought on Itch.


  1. Awesome! Congratulation Robin!

  2. oh that's so great Rob, i am so happy for you and for us all !!!

    i am less in the game these last times, because i have a lot of work on the house and also lot of work at job... but i'm never really far away ;p

    i can't wait for the new update!!! it looks crazy !!!

    the screenshot is not the secret, but it's very beautiful !!!

    i have a question: what about our built levels in the pit ? will they disappear completely?
    And in this case, will it be possible to create a back up? if no, we also could make some screenshots...

    anyway, congrats Rob, i look forward it !!!

    PS: great "Signs of life" !!! lovin'it !!!
    PS2: you found the good way to get the 1.9 in "Who is There" !!! Bravo !!!
    PS3 : i will re-buy Blackshift on Steam, i don't care, it's the best game ever, you deserve it!

    1. Thanks Mills!

      No, your pit levels are safe. I don't plan to delete any (except MAYBE some of the really old and broken ones). The only thing you might lose is your progress through levels 1-100, so, sorry in advance for that. But those levels are changing a fair bit anyway, so hopefully it won't be TOO much of a drag to replay them.

      And yeah, I was proud of myself for figuring out that level of yours. I can't normally do any of the levels in the Pit :D


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