Saturday 11 July 2020

Gamma 2.2.11 Released

What's New

  • Levels
    • Fixed a couple of levels that were either broken or made too difficult by the recent bullet speed change.
  • Overworld
    • Made docks a bit better, though they still aren't finished.
    • Optimized geometry. The world models for the overworld now take up only 2.5MB (down from 10MB), and have been made more detailed.
    • Many other small cosmetic and layout tweaks to the overworld. I like the layout of almost all the islands now. 2 and 9 are still a bit iffy.
    • Fixed the plasma detector, which was showing indicators on the wrong levels.
    • Fixed engine sound glitching whenever you changed direction.
  • Level Pit and Editor
    • Better error message when connection fails.
    • Fixed bug preventing you from using the editor in offline mode.
    • "Complete" or "Not Complete" no longer shown in offline mode.

Server Changes

(You'll get these whether you update or not!)
  • There's now an upload limit. For now, it's set at 10 levels per day, which I feel is very generous! If you try to upload more than 10 levels on the same day, you'll be told to wait until tomorrow.

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