Tuesday 7 July 2020

Gamma 2.2.10 Released

The end is in sight, everyone. I'm actually going to finish this game.

What's New

  • More music, and the overworld has music too now. The only things that are missing music now are the title screen and end credits.
  • Fixed some levels that got broken by the bullet speed change.
  • Overworld improvements. In particular, remodelled World 9 and added a thruster fire effect when you're flying.
  • Removed the red/blue flippy buttons that were in world 10. I found them to be a bit confusing, and not conducive to fun puzzles.

Also, I've made some decisions:

  • Blackshift will release this year.
  • When it comes to objects that actually get put into levels, like bombs, enemies, etc., Blackshift is now feature-frozen. That means no more objects will be implemented. The list of objects in 2.2.10 will be the same as in the final release.

So, what's still left to do?

  • Replace the remaining placeholder graphics
    • White docks on the overworld
    • 5-hit walls
    • Those green pegs you can shoot
    • Wall-follower enemies
  • One or two more things to buy in the shops
  • Music for the title screen, and enough level music that it doesn't feel too repetitive.
  • Finish the Level Pit
    • Upload limits
    • Play counts, win counts, make difficulty rating actually work
    • Make level pages look nice
    • Thumbs up/down
  • Polish, polish, polish
  • Think about marketing


  1. oh my god i am so excited!!!

    great news!!! thanks for it, rob, and congrats for this huge job!!

    i think i want to reset my progress and restart from beggening. Is it possible?

    1. Thanks Mills! I'm excited too...

      You can reset your progress by deleting this file:
      Windows: %APPDATA%\Blackshift\Progress
      Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Blackshift/Progress

  2. Rob - there's no such file (or location .../blackshift) on my mac?


    1. Are you sure? If you open a Finder window, press Cmd+Shift+G, and put in ~/Library/Application Support/Blackshift/

      it doesn't take you there?

      (The ~ should expand to your home directory, usually /Users/YourName)

      You could also open Terminal.app and type

      rm "~/Library/Application Support/Blackshift/Progress"

  3. there it is - thanks...


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