Wednesday 15 July 2020

Gamma 2.2.13, 2.2.14 Released

Level Pit fans, this update's for you!

What's New

  • Level Pit
    • Added back the ability to "star" your favourite levels.
    • Changes to user pages
      • Added a tab to user pages showing that user's favourite levels.
      • Added a tab to user pages showing stats about that user.
      • Added user's country flag to their user page.
    • Editor changes
      • When you create a level, you now go straight into the editor.
      • When drawing in the editor, you'll always now get solid lines of objects without gaps, no matter how fast you draw.
    • Changed the rules on acecptable map sizes
      • Maps whose width or height is greater than 512 cells are now rejected.
      • As before, maps whose area is over 16,384 are also rejected.
    • Better difficulty algorithm.
      • It used to be (number of wins) / (number of plays). That wasn't great because people often play levels again to get a better time, and restart (which counts as a loss) if they mess up.
      • The new algorithm is (number of winners) / (number of players).
      • I also made it so the difficulty is calculated by the server, so if I want to use a better algorithm I can change it without everyone having to update.
  • Overworld
    • Better dock graphic. Still a bit placeholdery.

Performance Improvements

  • Scrolling through lists of levels in the Level Pit should now be a lot smoother, because I've moved most of the work into its own thread. Don't do heavy lifting on the UI thread, kids!
  • Rendering in the game itself should be a bit faster, too.
    • It used to draw floors before objects, which is wrong because then a lot of pixels get drawn twice. Now it draws objects first, and then draws the floors around them.

Bugs Fixed

  • Level Pit
    • Fixed death wins not being recorded
    • Fixed bug where your save state for a level could sometimes be wiped if you watched a replay of that level.
    • Fixed bug where level preview images would sometimes stop rendering or become corrupted, especially after using the editor.
    • Fixed bug where long level names could overflow their boxes in the UI.
    • (2.2.14) Fixed a bug where dates and times could be displayed incorrectly in the Pit UI.
  • Overworld
    • Fixed the plasma detector again. I promise it works now.
  • Misc
    • (2.2.14) Fixed glass walls not appearing

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