Thursday 23 July 2020

Gamma 2.2.15 Released

This ended up being another fairly big update! It's mostly polish, bug fixes, graphics, and new Level Pit features.

One thing I've tried to do with this update is improve the wall and floor graphics, and make them a bit more distinguished from each other (they're both grey, and they used to visually blend together a bit). I also added some more detail to both. What do you think?

What's New

  • Bugs Fixed
    • Fixed the wrong button sometimes getting activated in the UI if you dragged the mouse.
    • In the editor, fixed a bug where if you moved the start point and then pressed Undo, the game would crash.
    • Fix the silicon crystal counter sometimes popping up when it didn't need to
    • Fix bug where pressing Quit in the level pit didn't always quit.
    • Fix bug where the level pit would sometimes show pictures of the wrong levels.
    • Fixed some music not looping properly
    • Fixed bug where, if you "Quit" on the entrance to World 10, you could bypass the laser gate.
    • Fixed audio glitch at the start of levels.
  • Editor improvements
    • Test-playing a level from the editor now no longer skips the "Get Ready" page.
    • Pressing Quit when test-playing a level now takes you back to the editor, instead of quitting out to the level pit.
  • Level Pit improvements
    • There's a new "Messages" tab which lets you know when people play your levels or beat your records.
    • There's a new "Played" tab (on your own user page only) where you can see levels you've recently played.
    • Level Pit login now happens when you enter the level pit, not when you start the game.
    • If the Level Pit isn't reachable due to a network error, you can try again by clicking the "Go Online" in My Levels.
  • All levels now restart automatically if you die, instead of kicking you back out to the overworld or level pit.
  • Nukes are always now shown in the pause menu if you have any, even if you can't use them.
  • There are now exactly 150 silicon crystals in the game, and 150 crystals' worth of merchandise to spend them on.
  • The game now remembers where you were on the overworld, even if you weren't standing on a level.
  • Various small changes to levels
  • Various small UI changes
  • Graphical improvements throughout
  • Couple of new sound effects
  • Performance improvements
  • Steam version now has a nice set of 30 achievements, and they all have icons.


  1. I think the "message tab" is one of the greatest New features !!!
    Awsome !!!


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