Thursday 30 July 2020

Gamma 2.2.16 Released

What's New

  • Gameplay Changes
    • Fixed a bug where you could pick up and drop items while sliding on ice by executing a frame-perfect key press.
      • This has been on the to-fix list for a long time! There are some levels in the Pit where you have to execute this bug to win. They'll continue to exhibit the old behaviour as usual, but if you can edit your levels to no longer require this bug, I encourage you to do so. If not, I might have to delete them before release. Sorry, but it's really confusing.
    • If you pick up a missile and shoot it through a customs door that you're standing right next to, it'll now go through.
  • Level Pit
    • Fixed bug where you would sometimes be able to publish a level without completing it first
  • Misc
    • Lots of graphical improvements
    • Doors no longer look like Christmas presents
    • You can now replay the secret levels if you want
    • The game now starts up in fullscreen by default
    • The game now remembers whether it was in fullscreen last time and starts up accordingly
    • Fixed bug where buying a save crystal sometimes wouldn't take any money off you
    • Fixed bug where the title screen background would change its appearance depending on what level you last played
    • Fixed a bug where the Mac updater didn't work at all — it would update and run as normal, but next time you ran the game you'd be back on the old version.


  1. ---> "sliding on ice by executing a frame-perfect key press" :

    it's fair... we have been warned a long time ago !!!
    can you have a list of the involved levels???

    ---> "Doors no longer look like Christmas presents" :
    XD XD XD !!!

    1. Turns out it would actually be quite difficult for me to produce that list — so, I wouldn't count on it. Sorry!

    2. no problem !! ;p

      i asked because i think it's very difficult to remember what arhe the levels involved! furthermore, there might be some levels which seem to need this bug, but which would be winnable by another way...

    3. Actually, what I might do instead is remove them from What's New but keep them accessible through player pages, and maybe put a note on them. Then people can fix them if they want.

      I could even do it with every single gameplay change I've made, not just that bug. If your level doesn't still work with the latest version of the gameplay code, it gets hidden from What's New until you change it.

      Though, the bullet speed change would hide quite a lot of levels...


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