Thursday 10 September 2020

Gamma 2.2.19 RC1 Released

Release Candidate

If no major bugs are found, this will likely become the final released version.

What's New

  • Fix bug where pressing Q in menus didn't always do the same thing as clicking Quit.
  • Some changes to music
  • Replaced the last secret level with something more fun
  • Changed layout of World 10


  1. thanx a lot Rob !!!

    In my "Chapter ... / Lesson ..." series, i've just published the "Chapter 2 - Lesson 1"
    As usually, these levels are built for the begginers. These levels are built to help to understand how each item work. There are not all the items, but a large part of the main ones.
    And here, we are in the 2nd chapter, so, it's quite more difficult than into the 1st Chapter

    go! go! go!!!

  2. your last secret level is great !!! i can not find the solution, and that's exactly what i love!!
    this level is giving me a hard time!!!

    But i will find !!! ;p

    thanx a lot Rob !!!

  3. laser beam should have a sound!

    craft over shooting barrier --> level problem

    greater incentive for diamonds collecting, offer the overview map in the shop

    craft death --> replace flatulence sound

    the broken lamps hole are glossy, that looks not so good

    some sounds are broken

    cant login in level pit:
    i guess because most of my lvs are stolen from "enigma"?
    you can delete all my lvls no problem
    in future i will create only levels at my own

    all the best for publishing in steam, burri

    1. Thanks for these!

      Mostly valid bugs but probably too minor to block release. Might get fixed, but not necessarily before release.

      I did consider making the map a buyable item, but decided against it: I think lots of people would probably decline to buy it, then buy other things, then not have enough money for the map and they'd be stuck -- and, considering how not-fun most people will find flying around empty space with no map, I don't really consider it an optional item. (Maybe you and I wouldn't mind, but that's my sense of how players in general would behave.)

      Then I thought, well, how about having a "map enhancement" as a buyable item? So you start with the basic map, but you buy the enhanced map and it shows you where stuff is on the map. I didn't get round to it, though. I've got to draw the line somewhere or I'll never release!

      That's odd about the level pit -- you should be able to log in. There is a bug with the password field, so maybe you're hitting that: after you type in your password, you have to press return before you click “Log In” or it won’t work. I probably won't fix this because I'm planning to release on Steam only, and the Steam version doesn't have password login.


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