Saturday 19 September 2020

Preparing for Release

Early Access has finished

Thanks to all of you who have been playing Blackshift Early Access. Your suggestions, bug reports, Pit levels, and thorough playtesting have been invaluable!

Blackshift Early Access is now no longer for sale, but if you already have it, your copy will continue to work.

Get your Steam keys!

I've given a Steam key to everyone who's already bought Blackshift Early Access on, which you can use to get the Steam version at no extra cost. To claim it, press the "Get Steam Key" button on your purchase page:

These aren't Early Access keys, they're for the final released version, so they won't work until Blackshift is released.

Switching to Steam

If you already have the non-Steam version, you don't have to switch, but I strongly recommend it. The benefits of the Steam version are:
  • My auto-updater is extremely buggy and unreliable, and if you use the Steam version you'll be using Steam's auto-updater, which actually works.
  • There's no login step for the Level Pit, it just automatically uses your Steam account to log in.
  • It has achievements. 


Linking your Level Pit account

If you've been enjoying the Level Pit, and you're switching to the Steam version, please e-mail me your Steam User ID or post it in a comment and I'll link your Level Pit account to your Steam account. That means that when you play the Steam version, you'll keep your Level Pit account with all your levels and plays. Otherwise, the Steam version will create a new Level Pit account for you automatically with your Steam username.

Your Steam User ID is a number. It's not your username. If you can't find it you can try Steam ID Finder. Type in your username and look for "SteamID64".

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