Monday 7 March 2016

Alpha 2.0.41 Released


  • Added crash reporting to the Mac version
  • Fixed bug where enemies could die (e.g. on mines or grills) and still kill you right afterwards
  • Fixed bug where Level Pit levels would not register as completed if you used a save tile
  • Some new graphics
  • Removed OGRE renderer. Everyone is now on bgfx.
Also, if any Windows users want to help me out, I'd be interested to hear what happens if you go into the options and set your renderer to DirectX 9 or OpenGL (and restart).


  1. I'm likin' the new graphics Rob! One thing tho, Blackshift chewing up my laptop. CPU usage at 35% in idle when Blackshift is loaded! Possibly causing Firefox to lock up - I will check. @Bobby killed my "Happy Place" - nice work and he even hit a save tile by accident. It works but the game shows as not been beaten.

    1. Thanks!

      Possible ways to reduce CPU usage:

      Turn off glow (press 3)
      Turn off backgrounds (press 6)
      Turn on instancing

      If any of these are useful let me know and I'll add menu items for them.

      Re. Happy Place: What do you mean "shows as not been beaten"? Is the leaderboard empty for you? I can see Bobby's replay there.

    2. The "Done" does not show! But, Bobby's win shows!

    3. Waiting for BibbytheDark or Bobby to break "Bug Ballet" I left an opening because I was sloppy. Once it is done, I will make another!

    4. Yeah, it's running cooler. I kept instancing off. Will try that later!

  2. Aaaack, now Box Guidance and another one doesn't work! You're gonna have to add a plunger tile soon!

  3. Open GL works on my AcerWin8.1 so far - will test it more.

  4. No noticeable problem when switching to openGL.
    The game crashed when I switched to DirectX 9 tho...

    Btw I answered you about the collision two post below.

  5. I thought you might have cancelled my "Wiping" levels but they still work. Albeit, 3 more down the tubes - two of which I can fix.

  6. Holy crap I've been wanting a discussion board. I was think headed enough that I only just now remembered to check this blog.

    Obie! I'm so flattered with the level w/ my name dude. Thanks. I mean, unless you're referring to another Bobby, which is cool too.

    In response to me building a level. I'm a full time student and parent who is spending too much time on Blackshift, not enough time studying, so building a level might be a bit of a bad idea right now. Plus I'm not sure I'm smart enough to build a good challenging level...

    Maybe spring break or something...

    Keep up the good work guys!

  7. No, that was your level Bobby - You pretty fast! I can wait for your creation. @Drerio, I hope you see the mistake you made to let me and BibbytheDark change your game. A shift left to fire the cannon behind blocks and it has to go your way. Rob will soon give us editing rights so, you can change it. I got about 10 levels I made that due to defects, Rob fixed them and now they don't work - stuff happens in Alpha Mode. And Rob, look at the replays for Daisy Mae in my level pit. Not mine, but BibbytheDark and Bobby. They don't make sense albeit, I have seen the previous replays and they won it correctly.

  8. This is how you make a level for fun. Surround the craft with neutral tiles, put in some enemies, make some walls and escape the enemies. Then, move on to another challenge. Laugh because you beat it then, expand your grid. Look at combinations because you know how the enemy moves. Learn how the enemy moves!

    Look at Idyll Hands. Built in a hour (but most of that was for cosmetics). Then, I kept adding stuff! It is not a hard level (maybe for newbies) but I just moved around the board and made things happen! For Dizzy o=o, I didn't like it so, I made the ending difficult but threw in a save tile because the first part, albeit interesting, sometimes failed to work but, if you hit the button at the right time, you will get a good score. I found another anomaly but will not report it. I will use it!

    Play some of Rob's levels - a 2 minute game is about maximum. I know, I have gone overboard but I was on a mission but too much repetition is boring. Drerio's "Builder's Delight" was about right - but beware, Bobby and Bibbythedark will destroy it if you make a mistake. Many that I have made - ha ha!

    A bunch of levels I have made are copies from Blackshift and my levels from Netshift but I am missing a few components to do the rest. I will finish my trilogy this weekend. I have noticed that a few of my levels have not been beaten by the noobs. Click on my name and try them - danger, some don't work anymore but I can fix them if Rob let's us edit them! Ha ha - Have fun - that's the point eh?

    1. Box Guidance doesn't work anymore, so don't waste your time. It is fixable, I will tell you when.

      "Lost me Keys" does work. Try it! As does "Black Ops"

    2. Jesus, Bibbythedark just did a suicide mission on one of my levels. Didn't see that coming! Damn, I can fix that! I guess my old brain ain't working right - ha ha ha!


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