Monday 9 March 2020

Gamma 2.2.5 Released

Important! The new updater is having some teething problems. If you aren't successfully getting updated to 2.2.5, please update manually using these links:

Windows: Download and run the 2.2.5 installer
Mac: Delete Blackshift from your Applications, then download and extract the 2.2.5 app bundle

Edit: Does anyone want to help me test the Steam version? E-mail me or comment below with your Blackshift username and I'll send you a Steam key. If you want to keep your existing Level Pit account, then include your Steam User ID as well and I'll link your account.

Edit 2, for you secret-hunters: it can be a bit of a slog, hunting them all down without knowing where to look. I'm planning a feature that'll make it more fun, but for now, I'll just tell you. The secrets are on these levels: 9 14 19 40 41 44 47 63 70 71 80 85 95 98 100.

What's New



  • New UI
    • The UI used to use CEF. CEF works by embedding an entire web browser in the game, and having the UI written in HTML and Javascript. This decision was made by past-me, who has now been fired.
    • The new GUI is written in C++ like the rest of the game. It uses NanoVG. This should all now be way, way smaller, faster and smoother.
  • Editor changes
    • You can now use the level editor in offline mode.
    • You can now press Ctrl+E to quickly switch between edit and play mode. 
    • Blue police robots are now available in the editor.
    • Windows users can now zoom with the mouse wheel.
  • Level Pit changes
    • You can now only publish a level once you've played it and won at least once. Once published, the level is made available on What's New automatically.
    • You can now see pictures of all Pit levels before playing them. 
    • You can now see little flags next to usernames showing where the person is from.
    • What's New now shows 120 levels, not 12, and the rule that limits how many levels from a single author can appear in the list has been relaxed.
    • The Level Pit now calculates the difficulty of each level using advanced machine learning*.
    • Fixed many bugs related to editing levels after publishing them. This whole feature was totally broken. Works now.
  •  Gameplay changes
    • Replaced the level select menu with an overworld map. Have fun!
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bug where, if you teleported and died straight away, the camera wouldn't move to where you died. 
    • Fixed bug where you would sometimes be immune to bullets while pushing blocks.  
  • Removals
    • Removed DirectX 9 support.
    • Removed the Awards page. It will return.
    • Removed the ability to "star" levels.
  •  Miscellaneous
    • Rewrote the updater from scratch.
      • Delta updates didn't make it in, so all updates will be quite large (about 40MB) until this gets done.
    • One new music track.
    • As usual, many small graphical, sound & performance updates.
    • As usual, some changes to the campaign levels. 
* Some SQL queries.



  • Fixed a bug that stopped sound playing on Mac.
  • Fixed some minor UI display bugs on Windows.



  • Fixed a bug that could cause save-file corruption.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause some objects to be invisible.
  • Fixed a collision bug in the overworld.
  • Fixed a Windows display bug on the login page.


  • Fixed an editor bug that would corrupt your levels if you put certain objects in them.
  • Fixed an editor bug where you could put objects in your levels that you shouldn't be able to. 
  • Fixed an updater bug on Windows where it would pop up the "Failed to install update" error even if the update actually installed successfully.



  • Fixed a collision bug that rendered some parts of the world map inaccessible. 


  • Fixed a bug where the credits would roll even if you failed the last level.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't drop items on bridges, making level 100 unwinnable.
  • Made bridges available in the level editor.


    1. Great stuff, thanks Rob! I like the new level selector a lot:-) as well as the overall feel of the game. I haven't figured out how to get the sound (fx & music) working on my macbookpro... I've checked the options and turned everything on to no avail. I won't include the bxx-word in the 1st comment after the new version:-)

      1. Ha ha, it's okay, when I change this much stuff around, there's bound to be many bxx-words :)

        I see the problem with the audio. Fix tomorrow.

      2. Should be fixed now. You might need to install the new version manually; it seems I'm still incapable of writing a working updater.

      3. Yes, it's working! Thanks. I downloaded the full package before trying the updater so i can't comment on that:-)
        I've seen a few graphic issues where parts of a level are "like sand" if you know what i mean, instead of showing the real layout/items.

        if you need i can write a better bug report.

      4. Yes please, that would be super helpful! (Any particular levels? Pit or campaign?)

    2. It's great to see you are still working on the game, keep up the great work!

    3. youpi !!!! houra !!!

      really beautiful!!! i started to re-play the 100 levels to get all the objects in the editor ! :D
      the world map is great !!!

      i just noticed some weirds things with the shortcuts in the x9 levels.
      But i'm not sure, yet...

      i'm too happy !!!!

      thank you Rob !

    4. hey my friends !!!

      i've just published a new level. Not a big one, not too difficult.

      i tried to build a well balanced level, with a topic : the Blue Cops.
      It's not too hard but the difficuly is progressive.

      Shoot them all !!!

      1. Yesss! A Mills level I can actually do! :D Great work.

        Still took me far too long to work out that last bit, and far too many tries to actually pull it off once I'd figured out what to do... and I already popped both save points but was too stubborn to restart!

      2. I don't know why I found that level so difficult, but o'boy did it take time to figure out.
        Well done Mills!

      3. thanx guys !!!
        i will try to build more levels like that...
        But, to tell the truth, in my idea, it was just a little bit more difficult, because i wish i had not let you the possibility to kill the blue cop into the 3 last bombs.
        But, it's certainely a "Good Mistake", if you liked it !!!

        So, i won't edit it ;P

      4. thanx a lot mills for this lvl
        could you publish a complexer version of this lvl?
        i am excited to puzzle it out!

    5. are you able to place items in gas clouds

      that first level with them may be unwinnable because i cant place the bomb in the gas cloud

    6. no, you can't place items on a gas tile, but which level do you mean?
      all levels are solveable! burri

    7. Hi everyone. I'm trying to pass all the levels again but I'm stuck in level 16, I don't remember those red circles with the red squares. How do you go through? I can’t figure out

    8. Is funny how you solve the things just after you ask for a solution. Problem solved.

    9. a BIG THANKS to sabikDK for building this levels for us!

      1. yes !!!! great great thanks, these levels are awsome !!!!

    10. Hey guys!
      Super happy to see all the progress on the game.
      I'm replaying the campaign and I love the new overworld haha

      I've noticed a small bug tho,
      If you save on a level and quit, if you go play another level (not the one on which you've saved), the proper level number is displayed, but the actual map which is loaded is the one on which you saved. Also, if you complete the level you'll still get a blue dot on the overworld even though it's the "wrong" level... I hope what I just wrote is at least a bit understandable lol...

      Anyway the game is still super fun and addictive, can't wait to see what's new in the level pit, it's been a while! :D

      1. Hey! Good to see you! Thanks for the bug report. It's a known issue — a couple of people have run into it already. It'll be fixed in the next update.

    11. Hey Rob, I don't why I haven't seen this post, it didn't show up on my RSS reader (yes, I'm that old).

      I'm on Steam* but I'm on linux (Ubuntu specifically), I was waiting for the game to be released on Steam to try it with Proton. Do you have any idea if it does?



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