Thursday 21 May 2020

Gamma 2.2.7 Released

A fairly boring update today, but bug-fixes are always good.

What's New


  • Fixed a bug where entering a level from the overworld after saving on another level would take you to the wrong level.
  • Added back a missing sound effect when objects get teleported.
  • Minor UI fixes to the pause screen and get ready screen, which looked bad on big monitors.
  • Improved GPU vertex representation, which may improve performance, depending on your system.
  • Added some achievements to the Steam version.


  • Fixed the game being totally broken on DirectX 11.
    • Testing on 3 platforms (DX/Win, GL/Win, GL/Mac) for every update is too much work for me, which is why updates often break the game. As we enter the "home stretch", with not much more to add, this kind of thing should happen less.
    • The cause of this bug? It turns out that, on DirectX, if you use normalized int16 coords, you can use 4 of them (xyzw) or 2 (xy) but not 3 (xyz).
    • I'm learning a great deal about 3D graphics on this project. Still, I might use a pre-made engine if I do another 3D game after this.


  1. Hmmm.... The game doesn't seems to work anymore under DirectX 11...

    1. Also, speaking of bug fixes...

    2. Oh no, the BBB! Thanks for the reminder. Also, I'll check out that DX11 issue today. When you say it doesn't work, what exactly happens?

    3. Oh, I see, it doesn't render the actual game at all. That's not good!

    4. DirectX 11 bug is now fixed. That was, uh, embarrassing.

  2. Wait... the Steam version is available? It says "Coming soon..." to me here:

    1. From last update:
      "Edit: Does anyone want to help me test the Steam version? E-mail me or comment below with your Blackshift username and I'll send you a Steam key. If you want to keep your existing Level Pit account, then include your Steam User ID as well and I'll link your account."

      Btw Rob, I'm in.
      Blackshift Username: BibbyTheDark
      Steam User ID: STEAM_0:0:16056209

    2. Thanks, Bibby, I don't why I missed that update. I think something got mixed up with my RSS feed because it looks like I've been missing quite a few of these.

      I replied there, but I'm on linux, I don't know if that could help Rob in anyway.

    3. Sorry Fepe, I think that's probably because I announced it in an edit rather than its own post. I'll try to do that kind of thing less — I like RSS!

      Anyway, I've emailed you both your Steam keys. Good to have you on board!


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