Tuesday 22 September 2020

Blackshift Released


I didn't want to set a release date in advance and inevitably miss it; much better to just spring the news on you without warning on release day. Well, release day is today.

Early Access customers — your copy of Blackshift should update itself to version 2.3.0, the first public version.

itch.io customers — a Steam key is available on your itch.io purchase page, if you want to switch to Steam. If not, no problem, your copy will still work.

Everyone else — get on over to Steam to buy your copy!

Changes since RC7

This kind of defeats the point of release candidates, but I snuck in a few low-risk changes:

  • Some changes to levels, most notably 2/6 and 4/5
  • Added some dots to the map for players who need some direction
  • Improved graphics of time bomb and shop computer
  • Fixed a bug where the left and right audio channels were reversed
  • Gave time bombs a charging sound before they explode


  1. OH my god, it's a great day today!!!

    i would like to congratulate you on your huge job on your game for these last years.

    i hope your game will be a BIG HIT because you deserve it !!!

    With your first Blackshift, the Hapland series, Netshift, this new Blackshift, etc... you have given hapiness to a lot of people, with clever games!!!

    THanx so much Rob !!!

    Now i want thousands and thousands players !!!

    :D :D :D

    1. Thank you Mills! (And also for your glowing review on Steam!)

      I'm sure there's a sizeable audience out there for Blackshift, just a matter of getting the word out.

      I've been sending out a lot of review copies, so we'll see what comes of that. And it might be nice to write some articles about how the game works technically. Could interest people.

  2. Woohoo! Congratulations Rob!

  3. And new levels to boot! Epic achievement Rob! /NYNM

  4. hi robin
    I would like to thank you for blackshift 2d and 3d.
    I've been enjoying it for years and can hardly assess the effort that was necessary for it.

    Strangely enough, I'm hardly interested in sidescroller games, but I'm really excited about top down view games.
    it's a bit like playing god you look down from above.
    Blackshift is the ideal Examble for it, like Chips Challenge and SC.OUT too.

    much Success wishes burri


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